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Construction Essentials: Temporary Building Bridges
Streamlining the Application Process for Housing Developments
Improving CDBG Requirements
Reducing Waste and Expense for Affordable Housing Projects
Building Act Amendments - Disclosure and Dispute Resolution
Importance of Temporary Panel Bridges
Pushing for a Paradigm Shift
Eco-Friendly Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Boosts The Economy
Some States Cutting Tax Credits
Importance of EPC and HIP in Commercial Properties
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  Construction Essentials: Temporary Building Bridges
Men have never ceased to look for ways and means to fulfill their vision for the world. A literal example would be the building of a structure of towering heights. Contractors see to it that whatever appears in the blue print is realized within the contracting period. However, projects will never be done on time or earlier when there are no machines, tools, and equipment to make the construction faster, more convenient, and at the same time safe for everyone.

  Streamlining the Application Process for Housing Developments
Getting funding for affordable housing can be a tricky business. Most low-income housing developers seek a variety of funding options, knowing not all of them will come to fruition, and even some that do won't provide 100 percent of the money requested. The result is that developers spend hours and money submitting applications, gathering supporting documentation and follow up.

  Improving CDBG Requirements
The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program began in 1974. It is one of the longest running programs at the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). The program provides grants to state and local governments for the purpose of funding the development of affordable housing, infrastructure and other needs.

  Reducing Waste and Expense for Affordable Housing Projects
Affordable housing developers who seek government funding for their projects are often faced with complicated and multi-layer application requirements that have to be repeated for federal and state agencies. The process is long and often expensive, and any number of details can be inadvertently missed, causing an application to be delayed or outright rejected.

  Building Act Amendments - Disclosure and Dispute Resolution
Proposed amendments to the Building Act 2004 will require building contractors to provide a pre-contract checklist to prompt consumers to make relevant enquiries and seek further information. The checklist will also summarise the parties' dispute resolution options. Building contractors will be required pre-contract to provide the consumer with a summary of previous dispute history and any regulatory penalty incurred.

  Importance of Temporary Panel Bridges
Panel bridges started way back in the olden times when temporary structures were needed in order to go from one place to another. From a simple log to a stronger footbridge, many bridges have been made and have paved way for connecting places. In construction projects, such bridges are also utilized to make the work on the buildings more effective and efficient.

  Pushing for a Paradigm Shift
Often, when a developer wants to build a project that includes affordable housing, the strongest push-back he gets is from the general community. City council members may have reservations, but they are typically centered around financing and other economic considerations.

  Eco-Friendly Affordable Housing
For decades now, affordable housing advocates have been working to convince elected officials and the general public that affordable housing is both good and beneficial to the community at large. They have pointed to studies which show that low-income housing boosts the economy and, when it's built well, can actually increase land and home values in the area.

  Affordable Housing Boosts The Economy
The economy is at the forefront of most news programs and political discussions. The nation's unemployment rate remains high, and thousands of people have been out of work for 6 months or more. Many have been searching for full-time employment for over a year.

  Some States Cutting Tax Credits
Historic preservation tax credits and low-income housing tax credits are common tools used to fund not only community revitalization, but also the development of affordable housing. Last year, billions of dollars in rehabilitation and new construction were approved across the country. In addition to federal funding, many states have their own historic and low-income tax credit programs designed to supplement federal dollars.

  Importance of EPC and HIP in Commercial Properties
EPC, which means the energy performance certificate, is used for benchmarking rating comparisons. This certificate is important as a part of the home information pack. HIP must be used for building, selling or renting of any house. It stores all important information need by a buyer. It gives the information about the plus points and negative points to his seller and buyer.

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